til-jasontorres by Jason Torres

Tried Out AWS Amplify Framework and Why You Should Try it Too

If you guys have a chance, sign up sa AWS and try the steps ni AWS Amplify Framework (https://docs.amplify.aws/)

It covers a bunch of services especially if you haven't worked on them yet. It's a good AWS starter as well rather than going through them one-by-one without a use case.

  • AWS Cognito (auth0 alternative -- My architectural choice now is decoupling authentication and user accounts) -- Cheaper alternative to auth0
  • AWS Appsync (GraphQL + Dynamodb. Similar to Hasura but for DynamoDB)
  • AWS Amplify (similar to Netlify, Vercel)
  • AWS Lambda
  • Create React App or NextJS (I used NextJS)

The whole practice will take you about 1-2 hours (depends on you) but I'm telling you it's worth it and highly recommended as a weekend learning project.

Posted: 19/7/2020